Do Nespresso Machines Make Regular Coffee?

For those who enjoy espresso and want to be able to drink it at home, Nespresso machines are becoming more and more popular.

However, some may not want espresso every day and may wonder if Nespresso machines can make more standard varieties of coffee.

This makes perfect sense! After all, variety is the spice of life!

Let’s take a look into what Nespresso machines have to offer, and what kinds of beverages you can make with them.

That way, you can decide if one of these great machines is ideal for you!

Nespresso Machine Basics

There are a few things that are important to know about Nespresso machines.

The first is that they tend to be single-serve machines, which means they don’t include carafes.

Instead, they are able to brew directly into your mug, which can help to avoid an extra dish to clean!

That said, there are carafes you can purchase if you’re going to need to brew more.

There are also a wide variety of models, ranging from more budget-friendly choices to those that are much more technologically advanced.

Within those different models, there are also two lines of machines with different capabilities that are worth knowing a bit more about.

Original Line Versus Vertuoline

Original Line and Vertuoline are the names of the two lines offered by Nespresso.

For those who prefer a standard espresso, the Original Line is perfectly suited.

On the other hand, the Vertuoline offers the ability to make standard coffee as well as espresso and other hot beverages.

Because of this, people tend to find that Vertuoline machines are a bit more welcoming to those with varied tastes.

Some may be able to compare the Nespresso Vertuoline as something closer to a Keurig, but with the added ability to make delicious espresso drinks.

Top Vertuoline Machines

There are many fantastic Nespresso machines out there, and they all tend to offer the same level of quality.

However, some can offer more bells and whistles than others, such as the ability to save profiles for your favorite drinks and recreate them perfectly.

For those who prefer the basics, options like the Evoluo and Vertuo Chrome make for great choices.

They fit within the Vertuoline variety, meaning they can make regular coffee as well as espresso.

If you want to take a closer look into the differences between specific Vertuo and original machines, like the Essenza Mini, you can find a comparison here!

Regular Coffee Nespresso Options

One of the aspects that can drive the choice between Original Line and Vertuoline models is the selection of drinks that can be made within each.

Naturally, the Original Line offers a variety of espresso capsules.

Meanwhile, the Vertuoline offers espresso and coffee, each with different sizes and flavors to help you fine tune the perfect experience.

While it’s generally recommended to stick to Nespresso capsules for the sake of quality, there are some other brands that can offer drinks like hot chocolate, which claim to be able to work in Nespresso machines.

Each capsule option also provides a drink size that it is going to be most compatible with, but in some cases you can elect to make a few changes to suit your preferences.

Overall, you can absolutely make standard coffee in a Nespresso machine.

Just make sure that you purchase one that is among the Vertuoline, rather than the Original Line.

That way, you can be assured that you’ll get something that can do it all in one machine.

You can also take a look at helpful accessories like carafes, milk frothers and more to allow you to make drinks that are absolutely delicious each time!